Baptism – A Ceremony To Cherish

Published: 10th January 2008
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Baptism or christening is one ceremony that parents of the child cherish in their hearts forever. This ceremony encompasses giving the child a formal name. Apart from its religious significance, the baptism ceremony formally heralds the journey of life of the child in the material world. All this while, mothers are mostly reminded of their painful pregnancy period, but now they thank God for having blessed them with the babies.

The Celebratory Spirit:

The baby christening ceremonies are organized with great fervor and are pretty similar to baby showers or welcomes showers. Decorations for these events are akin to those seen in showers. Aside from religious elements, the atmosphere has a spirit of celebration. The guests join the new parents to celebrate and share the joy of the baby's arrival. Just like baby showers, it is customary for the guests to bring different types of baby items in form of gifts. Though gifts in baptism ceremonies are predominantly baby toys, you do not need to break your head thinking about the gifts to take to christening ceremony. The ideas for such baby gifts can be found in abundance on various sites on the Internet.

Location for baptism ceremonies is usually a church or the parents' household. After the religious rites are over, it is conventional to treat the guests with snacks or dinner. It is also a part of the ceremony to give return gifts or favors to the guests before they leave. This is a way of expressing love and gratitude for their participation. The best way to locate great favors is again to take help of Internet. You can even buy the favors online without physically visiting the stores.

The Souvenirs Of The Day:

Baptism ceremonies are extra-special for the parents especially the mothers. They linger long in their minds. They always wish to have christening keepsakes or souvenirs of these ceremonies. Generally, the baby's outfit on the day of ceremony serves as a keepsake. Accessories like baby bracelet, brooches, little hats, shoes, etc. also make popular keepsakes.

Baptism or christening is a religious ceremony but, with time, it has acquired a festive color. In fact, religion has taken a back seat as far as modern christening ceremonies are concerned. People continue to organize these ceremonies due to poignant reasons. They love to celebrate their parenthood and of course giving their baby a name. These are the reasons that baptism is so popular even with new generation.

Baptism is as popular today as it was yesterday. The baptism ceremony is a big day in the live of new parents. After pregnancy this is the first celebration and is akin to the fun and frolic of a baby shower. At the time of baby christening, guests, family and friends gift lovely baby christening keepsakes such as baby toys and braceletto the parents and the baby. For more information pregnancy period.

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