Pregnancy Health Concerns - Effective Remedies For A Happy Pregnancy

Published: 27th March 2007
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If you are concerned with the expanding waistline problem, abdominal pains, groin area pains and thighs and so on, then you should not be surprised, as they are pregnancy health issues that affect your entire body. There are many ways by which you can feel better with pregnancy health issues. Body changes, digestion problems, weight gain problem, acnes, pains and backaches can be dealt effectively if one follows a proper routine. To ease some these pregnancy health problems try lying down as much as you can, rest your back and apply heat wherever the pain is awful. If pregnancy heath problems still does not get better with natural methods, it is always better that you consult your doctor.

Initial Problems, Natural Remedies:
The initial signs of pregnancy health issues are the leak of colostrums during the third month. Colostrum is a thick, yellowish fluid that contains antibodies and protects the newborns from infection. Oozing out of Colostrum from breasts can be quite an embarrassing situation for pregnant mothers and this pregnancy health problem has to be dealt effectively. Wash you nipples regularly and avoid the application of soap. Moisturize your nipples regularly to avoid cracked nipples. The use of maternity or nursing bra is advisable as it provides extra support.

An early pregnancy symptom involves dizziness and lightheadedness and continues throughout pregnancy. Fainting is a very rare phenomenon but do occur even in some healthy pregnant women. This is not at all a serious pregnancy health related concern. At this stage, there is growth of more blood vessels and the pressure of expanding uterus is felt on the growing blood vessels. Moreover, continuous urge for food during pregnancy can make you feel dizzy and giddy.

Effective remedies for such pregnancy health related problems, as mentioned above, mainly require you to stand up slowly, and lay on your left side when you feel lightheaded. Do not overeat but try to have healthy snacks and small means frequently. Change your sitting or standing position continuously as eases the problem of dizziness.

Early sign of pregnancy such as weight gain, dizziness, lightheadedness, cramps, needs to be continuously monitored and consulted. Pregnancy health issues especially to matters concerning weight gain generally depend on how much you weighed before pregnancy. Safe sex is something which all doctors will advise under pregnancy health related issues. Pregnancy increases the sexual urge in some women and vice versa. Incase, you face any difficulty during sexual intercourse such as pain in the vagina, bleeding or leaking of fluid from the vagina, vomiting and nauseatic feeling and so on, you should immediately consult the doctor.

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