Pregnancy Morning Sickness How To Get Rid Of It

Published: 05th July 2007
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Pregnancy morning sickness lays both positive and negative impacts on women anticipating pregnancy. Being one of the surest pregnancy symptom or indicators of pregnancy, onset of this early pregnancy symptom brings immense joy to expecting mothers. On the other hand, the discomforts and queasiness associated with this pregnancy symptom cause women who have conceived to be anxious.

Usually, women who have conceived can feel thrown up throughout the day or in the morning, also may feel nausea for weeks after weeks. An acute aversion to foods that you have earlier enjoyed is also very common among women who undergo this pregnancy morning sickness symptom. The good news for women who have just conceived and experiencing this early pregnancy symptom is that with the onset of second trimester of pregnancy, this pregnancy symptom tends to disappear or starts losing intensity. But, you may adopt some tactics to reduce its discomforts now, in the first trimester of pregnancy. Here, to know what causes this morning sickness can only help you apply appropriate remedies for getting relief from this symptom.

What Leads To Morning Sickness

Despite bundle of joy the pregnancy morning sickness points out to, the women who are planning to get pregnant, it is also a source of discouraging feelings to food and different fragrances. Women tend to feel nausea and vomiting in the morning as well as throughout the day. Blame on one of the pregnancy hormone, progesterone as starts kicking in and lead to change your metabolism. The progesterone hormone cause slow down digestion process, therefore, the food consumed cannot be absorbed in the bloodstream in the same pace as earlier and leave women feeling nauseas.

An increased sensitivity to some typical foods and smell is another symptom that is felt while women undergo the pregnancy morning sickness. Your favorite smell of perfume may suddenly become intolerable. You may cook your favorite food, but tend to fall sick while eating them. The weaker your digestive system is, more intensively pregnancy hormone can affect it. On the other hand, you may feel craving for the very stuff you detested before pregnancy! You really need not worry too much...most pregnant women at their early stages show an increased keenness for tangy flavors, chocolate ice creams, etc!

Besides, progesterone hormone, there are other factors as well which may cause you feel the pregnancy morning sickness. Tolerance of heat and excessive tiredness aroused during pregnancy also equally affect women to feel nauseous. During pregnancy period, when tiredness is led by empty stomach is even more effective to cause queasiness. Another major culprit behind the feeling of morning sickness is dehydration. However, proper care can reduce the degree of discomforts felt through morning sickness, if not prevent onset of this symptom.

Tips To Reduce Morning Sickness

Follow these remedies if you are undergoing the pregnancy morning sickness. Make sure you carry a bag along with you to throw up without making a mess. Spicy and greasy foods are highly potent to increase intensity of this symptom. Consume more of salads, fruits, yoghurts or crackers instead of these spicy and greasy foods. Take in adequate fluids including water and juices to keep your body from being dehydrated. Essential oils have strong fragrance and they are at the same time, chemical free, natural and safe for pregnant women. Use lemon oil. It has been a surefire remedy for hundreds of years to cure pregnancy morning sickness.

Pregnancy morning sickness is one of the most welcome but equally discomforting early pregnancy symptom. This pregnancy symptom, which involves nausea and vomiting, is more pronounced during the first trimester of pregnancy and it subsides in the second trimester of pregnancy. Early Pregnancy Symptom provides more information and details about early signs of pregnancy and some ways to cope with discomfort associated with early pregnancy signs and symptoms.

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