The Positive Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Published: 26th June 2007
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The various sign and symptoms of pregnancy occur due to hormonal changes in the body. Since the pregnancy symptoms can also be caused by stress or illness, the blood test is a definite method for conforming pregnancy.

Some Of The Early Signs Of Pregnancy Are As Follows

  • Missed Period - This is the most common of the early pregnancy symptoms. Even if there is less bleeding than usual during the period then it may be a sign of pregnancy.

  • Backache - The backache symptom of pregnancy is very common to all pregnant women as there is an extra stress on the spine because of the growing baby.

  • Constipation - There are two main reasons for constipation due to which it is considered as one of the early pregnancy symptoms. One is the change in hormone secretion in the body and the other is growth in the size of the uterus. The grown uterus presses the bowels resulting in constipation.

  • Change In The Color Of The Areola - If the color of the areola or the nipples is darkened then it may be assumed that the woman is pregnant. In fact, it is one of the early signs of pregnancy occurring within one week of conception.

  • Sleepiness - This pregnancy symptom occurs one to six weeks of conception and continues for the rest of the pregnancy period.

  • Frequent Urination - This symptom of early pregnancy usually occurs within one or eight weeks of conception and generally is owed to hormonal changes. Another reason for this being increase in the pressure on the bladder making it one of the prominent pregnancy symptoms.

  • Nausea - Commonly known as pregnancy morning sickness, it is one of the most common signs and symptoms of pregnancy. It usually occurs within two to ten weeks with degrees varying from person to person.

  • Tenderness Of Breasts - Usually the size of breasts increases and they become tender. Experts explain it as the body preparing for breast feeding.

    All the above early pregnancy symptoms should be taken under consideration to ensure complete care for the pregnancy health.

    One should consider that these signs and symptoms of pregnancy can also be because of other factors such as poor diet or a hectic lifestyle. Symptoms like morning sickness and body changes can occur due to infection, food poisoning or hormonal imbalance. Consult your doctor while testing for pregnancy. While there are home pregnancy tests available, make sure to follow the instructions about the usage properly. Finally, your doctor should confirm the pregnancy symptoms and you should take next course of action based upon medical advice.

    Signs and symptoms of pregnancy indicate the beginning of a life within. If you are able to decipher early signs of pregnancy or pregnancy symptoms, you can be more prepared to welcome the most beautiful phase of your life. Early Pregnancy Symptoms provides more information regarding early pregnancy symptoms and methods to cope with them.

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