Very Early Pregnancy Symptom Before Period , Symptoms That Precede A Missed Period

Published: 05th July 2007
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Almost all women wait for overdue periods as a strong sign of pregnancy, however, medical practitioners suggest to look for any very early pregnancy symptom before period to confirm pregnancy. A delayed period can result of other factors including habit of improper or inadequate diet, anorexia or particular medical treatment or side effects of certain medications. Moreover, many of the pregnancy symptoms even start appearing within few days after fertilization, whereas missed period takes place after a few weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, expecting mothers start looking out for each probable very early pregnancy symptom before period to detect pregnancy within a few days of conceiving. As the symptoms of pregnancy are likely to resemble symptoms of other disorders, hence, confusions related to those pregnancy signs is prevalent among most of the pregnant women. Let us inform you about the symptoms being a pregnant woman, at the very early phase of pregnancy.

Symptoms To Appear Before An Overdue Period

Missed periods or amenorrhea, as termed by medical practitioners are often regarded side effects of different medicine intakes or can be results of certain medical treatments. Women under stress or anxiety or who follow insufficient or proper diet schedule can end up in delaying their periods. Therefore, considering such factors, it is better not to wait until a missed period to identify pregnancy. Watch out for the onset of each following very early pregnancy symptom.

Vaginal Bleeding -this vaginal bleeding takes place as soon as the fertilized egg is implanted at the inner wall of uterus. This very early pregnancy symptom before period is noticeable within few days of conceiving in the form of a very light bleeding. Unlike menstruation bleeding, this implantation bleeding is usually of pinkish in color. This spotting or bleeding is absolutely normal and harmless; nonetheless, heavy bleeding of dark color must be informed to your physician as it is of serious concern. Heavy bleeding during pregnancy may signal various pregnancy complications including ectopic pregnancy, miscarriages.

Abdominal Cramping - An abdominal cramping a very common very early pregnancy symptom before period and appears along with vaginal spotting. Take rest for a few minutes or change your position to reduce discomforts of cramping pain in abdomen. Had the cramping pain in abdomen increased, rush to your doctor immediately.

Craving for Foods - At the very early stage of pregnancy, your body may crave for some particular types of weird foods. You may either feel an increased crave for foods like pickles, ice cream or may want to munch on some crackers throughout the day. On the other hand, you may possibly experience you do not like foods that you used to die for. Nausea, a very early pregnancy symptom often accompanies this symptom, in such cases, say no to binge eating and lower consumption of food rich in oil and spices. Smell of your earlier favorite foods may irritate your senses and you may feel like vomiting.

Enlarged Breasts - After conceiving, you may notice your breast may tend to be larger and seem more sensitive and painful when touched and tenderer than before. This early pregnancy symptom is a strong indication of pregnancy. You will observe that your areola seems to darken than earlier.

You may notice an increased body temperature from ovulation to conception to support fertilization of eggs. Therefore, if you note your basal body temperature is high and lingers for a number of days, you must consider it as a very early pregnancy symptom before period.

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